Ms Parasol’s latest album, "The Color of Destruction", is a thematic struggle between sinking and fiery blaze! To purchase, visit here or read more about the album.

Ms Parasol just completed a European tour. Stay tuned for more upcoming EU concerts for July 2017.

Ms Parasol's debut book of poetry and illustration -- Out now! For more info visit here>

"The Ruin and the Change" Album single from the "Color of Destruction" (October 2015)
Video directed by Glass Coffin.

New Video!: The Loneliest Girl in the World.

Rykarda Parasol
Ryska Ryki

Other news and sitings ...

Above: Rykarda at Tiny Telephone recording spoken word and piano tracks for friend, Freya Seeburger's (Aka Cellista) debut album of experimental classic sounds - is out now!

Above: Rykarda recorded some guest vocals for an upcoming Death Valley High Release. Pictured: Mark Pistel from Room 5 Recording Studio, Rykarda, and DTH frontman, Reyka Osburn.

Above: Rykarda singing backup vocals during comedian Margret Cho's San Francisco winter campaign to help the homeless, #BeRobin.


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