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rykarda parasol
The Color of Destruction
Produced by Rykarda Parasol 2015

Track list:
1.) Opening Scene: Ignition on Oberkampf
2.) The Ruin and the Change
3.) An Invitation to Drown
4.) The Loneliest Girl in the World
5.) It's Only Trouble Now (Feat. Dante Aliano White)
6.) Valborg's Eve
7.) Intermission: To Burn or To Drown?
8.) Your Safety Is My Concern
9.) Sha La Took My Spark (With Bart Davenport)
10.) A Lover’s Death Wish
11.) Le Fils du Père Noël
12.) Finale: Extinguished by the Red Reef
13.) Ready to Burn

The Color of Destruction
CD Hardcopy $8 (+ shipping)

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Limited edition set of four album cover 5x5inch postcards. These look great framed on your wall! Take a look >>

Each album cover designed
by Rykarda Parasol

  • Our Hearts First Meet
  • For Blood and Wine
  • Against the Sun
  • The Color of Destruction

    $5 per set, plus shipping


Against the Sun
Produced by Rykarda Parasol 2013
Painted Dog Records (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxenbourg),
Rave Up (Austria), and
Parlophone/Warner (Poland)

Track List:
1.) The Cloak of Comedy
2.) Atheists Have Songs Too
3.) Thee Art of Libertee
4.) Your Arrondissement or Mine?
5.) Island of the Dead (O mi, O my)
6.) How Ever Measured or Far
7.) Withdrawal, Feathers and All
8.) Greetings From Kiev, xxoo
9.) I Vahnt Tou Beh Alohne
10.) Take Only What You Can Carry
11.) I Know Where My Journey Will End

Listen to audio samples >

Against the Sun
CD Hardcopy $8 (+ shipping)

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For Blood and Wine
Produced by Rykarda Parasol 2009/2010

Track Listing:
1.) The Road Is Long
2.) A Drinking Song
3.) Widow in White
4.) Maggie,
5.) One for Joy!,
6.) Hold Back the Night
7.) For All Men Kill…,
8.) Covenant
9.) My Blood
10.) My Spirit Lives in Shadows,
11.) Je Suis Une Fleur,
12.) You Cast A Spell On Me,
13.) No Sir! (Ain't no man gonna),
14.) ...The Thing They Love,
15.) Kindness, You're Killing Me.

For Blood and Wine
Rykarda Parasol

CD Hardcopy $8 (+ shipping)

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rykarda parasol
Our Hearts First Meet

Produced by Rykarda Parasol 2008

Track Listing:
1.) Good Sick
2.) Hannah Leah
3.) Night on Red River
4.) Lullaby for Blacktail
5.) Weeding Time,
6.) Arrival, A Rival,
7.) Candy Gold,
8.) Good Fall,
9.) How Does a Woman Fall?,
10.) En Route,
11.) Lonesome Place,
12.) Texas Midnight Radio,
13.) Weeding,
14.) Good Sick II
15.) Janis, Don't Go Back.
Produced by Rykarda Parasol.

Our Hearts First Meet
Rykarda Parasol

CD Hardcopy $8 (+ shipping)

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: | Serpent



Limited Release
3-song Split 7inch Vinyl Record,
Released byRound Music 2010

Rykarda Parasol & Mister Loveless

Featuring: "Your Safety Is My Concern"
by Rykarda

This rare release (only 500 copies) features two Bay Area Bands. Side A carries the pop single "Your Safety is My Concern" as well as an alternate version of "My Spirit Lives in Shadows" by Rykarda Parasol. Side B features Oakland's Mister Loveless' "The Old Pain"

3-song Split 7inch
Rykarda Parasol
/ Mister Loveless
$8 (+ shipping)

of this item are available at major download stores including: Amazon and


Your Arrondissment or Mine?
(Dante White Aliano - Remix Single)

Rykarda Parasol.March 17, 2014.
iTunes, Spotify & Amazon Worlwide

4-Song EP, 2012
Heart & Soul Featuring Rykarda Parasol

Heart & Soul Feat. Rykarda Parasol
("Decades" performed by Rykarda 2013)

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