An Object of Pleasure is a stylized cross-genre collector's book that combines narrative poetry, illustration, memoir, and graphic-novel elements. Currently self-pubished as limited edition soft-cover foil stamp book, An Object of Pleasure is a narrative poem told in ten parts, which recounts a young woman’s misguided self-worth and yet, finds tenderness in the female forms she stitches. Dark, sexy, and whimsical, this is a moving story as much about female objectification as it is about an artist apt to objectify.

Twenty-five scantily clad submissive and sweet female embroidered illustrations, named “Les Brodelaires”, are an intricate part of the narrator’s life. As you turn each page, you unearth what lies beneath an unassuming pleasant female image: A chaotic mess of strings holding her in place.

The bistro chaise came closer now
      And the man let an arduous sigh,
She slowed her craft to clasp his gaze
      Catch her hook the needle’s eye.
And as the café’s air spread still,
      His hand dashed her resting thigh.

– Rykarda Parasol

Though a songwriter and musician by trade, Ms. Parasol’s innate talent has always been drawing and writing. She has long admired the marriage of words and images such as in works by Oscar Wilde and Aubrey Beardsley as well as Edward Gorey – and the Pre-Raphaelites who depicted almost theater-like scenes of Shakespeare and Tennyson. Frequently traveling, Ms. Parasol began to embroider in planes, cafes, and tour vans as it was portable artful medium ... She made a tiny joke to herself that if she created half-naked women they’d be more interesting to others. True. Yet, she felt they were meaningless little drawings with no purpose. Just pretty women for your pleasure and not much else. She questioned the task of using their bodies to please others... Artists have an odd way of seeing things, don’t they?

Then, one day soon after, the lines came: “You had me on the floor / An object of pleasure / And not much more” and a story was born, which laced the components of the “How?” and “Why?” one permits themselves to be objectified and then, as an artist, to objectify in turn.

The narrator takes you on a small journey with various aspects of needles and fiber arts (The surgeons hand, the drug needle, the spider’s web, manipulative webs we weave). The rhythm of the poetry resembles the rhythm of stitching (among "other things"). The book An Object of Pleasure is intended to be something tender to hold and touch as well as read.

An Object of Pleasure was edited by Jamie Shaw and Stephanie Wells (Professor of Literature OLLI/USB, College of Marin CA.)

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* Behind every pleasant female form is a knotted tangled mess!

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