An Object of Pleasure is a limited edition self-published work by Rykarda Parasol. A narrative poem told in ten parts, it recounts the story of a young women misguided and lacking in self-worth who finds tenderness and reflection in the female forms she stitches. Her art seems to offset her otherwise hurtful surroundings. Both dark and whimsical, the story is as much about female objectification as it is about an artist’s journey through the objects they create.

Twenty-five scantily clad embroidered illustrations of women, submissive and sweet, adorn this beauttifully bound deluxe soft-cover full-color book. The poem itself mimics the sewing's rythmic gestures.

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The bistro chaise came closer now
      And the man let an arduous sigh,
She slowed her craft to clasp his gaze
      Catch her hook the needle’s eye.
And as the café’s air spread still,
      His hand dashed her resting thigh.

– Rykarda Parasol

Advance Review Copies:
For those interested in previewing the book for their zine and journalistic endeavors, ARCs are available in PDF form. Please message us directly or info (at) RykardaParasol (dot) com if interested.

Publishing or Distribution?:
Yes, we'd love to hear from publishers and distributors about our charming book. Please drop us a line: info (at) RykardaParasol (dot) com



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