An illustrated tale told in narrative poem, An Object of Pleasure is a reflective, sexy, dark depiction of one young women’s journey through self-worth and objectification. The message we receive through parents, society, and men at a young age shape our decisions as we grow as well as our psychological profile. In many ways, "An Object of Pleasure" is a character study of a woman's relationship to objects and her own self-objectification. The embroidered illustrations are intricately woven into the narrative. As readers, we are exposed to how tactile, visual, and the order of rhythm and language play a part in providing comfort and tenderness in the narrator’s world. But is this helping or distancing the narrator from it?

The bistro chaise came closer now
      And the man let an arduous sigh,
She slowed her craft to clasp his gaze
      Catch her hook the needle’s eye.
And as the café’s air spread still,
      His hand dashed her resting thigh.

– Rykarda Parasol

“An Object of Pleasure” arrives this April, 2017 limited edition, 50 copies only, self-published by the author. The book will be available online and through independent book stores. If you are interested in representing this book in anyway, please contact us.



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