An Object of Pleasure is the first published book by Rykarda Parasol. She is known to many as a songwriter, singer and musician who continues to perform in Europe frequently. Parasol has produced four highly acclaimed albums and is well noted for her powerful cinematic storytelling and evocative album art. An Object of Pleasure is an extension of her love of words and imagery.

Parasol studied literature and fine arts and is a former designer and illustrator. She continues to draw and paint. Parasol is originally from San Francicso, California and now spends a great part of the year in Paris, France.

Les Brodleaires is the name the “knotty” embroidered female illustrations featured in "An Object of Pleasure". "Les Brodelaires" is a made-up word, which combines the amatory of Baudelaire with the French word for embroidery, “broderie”.

photo by krystal kenney © 2016

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